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Pink Full Moon Ecstatic Dance

Step into the glow of the Pink Full Moon: a night of Ecstatic Dance and more 🌕

Have you ever felt like the daily grind is sapping all the color out of life?


Well, I’ve got something that will put that pink blush back on your cheeks! On the 23rd of April, under the enchanting glow of the Pink Full Moon, I'm hosting an Ecstatic Dance session that’s all about reconnecting with yourself, unleashing joy, and embracing the moon’s renewing energy.

The PINK Full Moon

Pink isn’t just a color; it’s an attitude! It symbolizes love, compassion, and the joy of being alive. This April’s full moon carries the playful spirit of spring, making it the perfect time to shake off old energies and dance your way into new possibilities. And since pink is my absolute favorite color, I thought, why not kick off our very first session bathed in its uplifting vibes?


Meditative Movements

Let the rhythm guide you into a state of flow and mindfulness


Visualizing Victories

Set intentions that sketch out your path to personal fulfillment and joy


Healing Harmonies

Release emotional weights with each beat, using the full moon’s energy to cleanse and heal

Picture this: You, in your cozy corner of the world, dressed in your pink-best, moving freely to beautiful beats that resonate deep within.


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Why you deserve this night

In the hustle of everyday life, taking a moment for yourself often feels like a luxury you can't afford. But here’s the thing—nurturing your spirit is essential, and what better way than an evening that promises relaxation, connection, and fun? It’s not just about dancing; it’s about stepping into a space where you can be yourself, recharge, and manifest the life you dream of.


Dress in PINK and WIN

Step into the glow of the Pink Full Moon: a night of Ecstatic Dance and more 🌕

For You, and Yours

This session is for everyone! For just €11, whether you’re solo or with your family, it’s the same price.


Imagine sharing this beautiful experience with your kids, partner, or your friends — dancing, laughing, and growing together.


So, are you ready to dance under the pink moonlight?

To laugh, heal, and set your soul alight with joy?

Join me for a night where the mundane meets the magical.

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