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As a little girl I remember seeing so much around me that was not ok. I mostly didn't feel safe and I was very tense, all the time.

My parents considered me to be 'perfect'. I was so obedient and did everything they asked. All I did was people-please to make sure things started going well. The 'good girl syndrome' was real!

When parents tell me that their kids listen so well and obey to every single request, I seriously get red flags. No one can be that perfect without there being an unhealthy situation. 

As an adult now I know, I was not able to be myself and I wasn't even a child really. I did not enjoy that period of my life. 

Having done much inner work and have many coaching certifications later I am very aware of the patterns that can exist within families. It can be very difficult for children to deal with situations that are created by the adults in their lives. Especially when these adults are not even aware of their issues themselves.

There is so much you can read from a child's behaviour. Especially when children "misbehave" we should not be too quick to judge as there is always a series of deep underlaying reasons for the attitude being shown.

Creating awareness and raising consciousness are the main reasons why I became a coach and why this program has been brought to life!

What you can expect

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I am committed to creating a program tailored just for you, helping you navigate through life's challenges and achieve inner harmony so that you can teach this to your children. 


Group Coaching

I aim to guide you in your personal and professional development. Together, we will explore your goals, dreams, and aspirations, and create a roadmap to help you achieve them. With my expertise and support, you will gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and unlock your full potential. Adding the group element you gain a community that can also support eachother.


Meditation & breathwork

Experience the transformative power of mindfulness. Through guided meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques, you will learn to quiet your mind, reduce stress, and cultivate inner peace. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this program will deepen your practice and enhance your overall well-being.


Conscious Parenting

Looking forward to support parents in raising conscious and empowered children. Providing you with guidance and tools to help you foster a nurturing and loving environment, promote emotional intelligence, and cultivate strong parent-child relationships. Together, we will create a harmonious family dynamic and empower you to raise conscious children.

" Working with Nathalie has been a blessing for me and my family.
I’m not blocking my emotions anymore. I can now feel them, understand them and give them the proper attention. This makes me feel free and creates space for love, joy, creativity and connection.
Her guidance helps me identify patterns that don’t work anymore and break them.
Nathalie is an authentic, intuitive and fun coach. I love working with her and look forward to continue peeling layers together..”

Transformation Garanteed!


Hi! My name is Nathalie Polanco, Founder of Lucid Harmony, and certified coach with a passion for personal development and healing.

With years of experience, I understand the importance of embodiment and I take a holistic approach to help my clients achieve their goals.

My unique perspective allows me to see things from both the child's AND the parent's point of view, making my methods effective and relatable.

My own journey in life has taught me that the best schooling comes from life experiences.

I am committed to providing a friendly and engaging space where individuals can grow and transform.


Invest in your family

The investment in The PowerKidz Project is just €1250

It's also possible to pay in 4 installments


Are you ready to have a happy family with kids that stand in their power?

We start the new round of coaching in May 2024.

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