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How to prevent trauma in children?

7th December 2023

at 20:30 hrs CET

Pink Peony


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Kids are smarter than you think


I remember vividly how my life was as a child. I remember feeling unsafe and not being able to be myself. Feeling I have to take care of others instead of being taken care of myself. 

Because things were not ok. I was not a child. I was in survival from an early age.

Working on my personal development I discovered what it is to do inner work and heal old wounds.

And my focus became to help families.

A lot of times grown ups think kids don't notice things but they do. Or you also have the conscious parents that frequently ask the above question: How can I prevent trauma in my child? That is how the idea of this masterclass came to life.

For years I studied different modalities because I noticed that everyone connects differently to their innerworld. Using all these methods myself has made my life rich with not only knowledge but also the embodiment of being able to create the life I truly desire due to getting rid of all blockages and trauma.

Examining Molecule Model

The PowerKidz Project

I believe in empowering families and creating a harmonious environment for children to thrive. Because I feel I had lost my childhood, I understand the importance of raising kids who can truly stand in their power. That's why I created the PowerKidz Project, a program designed to help families heal together, empower themselves and their children, and find balance, energy, and joy in their lives.

And this masterclass is the KICK OFF session of the program!

You can join the class seperately if you want to "test the waters". 

When you already have the PowerKidz Project this masterclass is included because it will be the first session of the program.

For black friday you not only get the masterclass with 50% discount but the amount will also be deducted from the price of the PKP program once you decide to join after the masterclass.

Below you find a summary of what will be possible for you when joining:


experience more balance 


more connection with yourself and your kids


more JOY



experience more energy





Pink Bubbles

Dear Nathalie,


Thank you so much for holding space during this circle. Your energy is pure and you create a safe environment for trust and inner acceptance. 

I experienced so much respect and support from you and your beautiful energy. 

Especially when you have a family to take care of, this is a much needed time to take for yourself! You embody this too and this gives hope to many parents who are consciously doing the inner work, while still handling all the daily responsibilities. 


Thank you 🫶🏽



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Coach Nathalie Polanco

Welcome to my website. Discover the transformative power of Lucid Harmony (my company). I am dedicated to helping overwhelmed parents find inner peace, balance and joy. 

Join my online program: the PowerKidz Project and learn valuable techniques to create a harmonious environment for your family.

Also recommended for parents to be  (someday counts) and youth professionals. 

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